Modeling of factoring operations to increase payments of enterprises

  • Evgeniya Shevchenko Donetsk National University
  • Petr Leonov Donetsk National University
Keywords: modeling, factoring operations, payments, enterprise


The article analyzed the actual problem of modeling the borrower's operations in the process of executing the loan agreement to support the necessary indicators of its solvency. A model was proposed that allows adjusting the latter to the optimal value by means of a solution in the field of factoring operations and models of the influence of the factoring operation on forecast indicators. These models (as in factoring, accounting and bills, and in combination with other methods) can be used by the enterprise as a whole to analyze the financial condition of the company, as well as to optimize the financial state for the reporting period in the required areas.

Author Biographies

Evgeniya Shevchenko, Donetsk National University
Shevchenko Evgeniya Aleksandrovna,cand.econ.sci., Economic Cybertnetics Dept., Donetsk National University(Donetsk, Ukraine)
Petr Leonov, Donetsk National University
Leonov Petr Vladimirovich,postgraduate, Economic Cybertnetics Dept., Donetsk National University(Donetsk, Ukraine)


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Computer systems and informational technology in economics