On the optimal repairs and retirement terms planning for complex port equipment when forecast level of employment is uncertain

  • Nikolay Malaksiano Odessa national maritime university


Purpose and subject of researchThe subject of the study is to optimize the repair and replacement of complex equipment. The purpose of this paper is to study the problem of planning the optimal timing of repairs and replacement of equipment at the port complex is not fully defined the forecast level of his employment.Research methodologyDuring the study, we used the method of economic and mathematical modeling, the method of simulated annealing, models reproductive management of parks equipment.Value resultsThe developed model can be of practical interest in the further development of the proposed model for the study of multi-criteria evaluation strategies repairs and replacement of equipment.ConclusionsThe paper investigated the optimal timing of the planning of repairs and replacements sophisticated port facilities with fully determine the prognosis of employment. To describe the process of loading equipment, a model based on the use of random diffusion processes.

Author Biography

Nikolay Malaksiano, Odessa national maritime university
Cand.phys.-math.sci., as.prof.,Odessa national maritime university


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