Modeling methodical aspects of enterprise's competitiveness for unstable economic environment

Vladimir Timokhin, Anastasia Zyma


Purpose and subject of research

The purpose of research is to systematize the management methodology enterprise's competitiveness for unstable economic environment.

Research methodology

In the article expert analysis methods, optimization and simulation modelling were used for solving the problem.

Value results

Instability limits were identified and formalized in the research. The study is based on the new definition of enterprise's competitiveness, which is determined by the preferences degree of the enterprise. This approach is allowed to develop the comprehensive approach to competitiveness control, with using of economic- mathematical modelling.


Theoretical and methodological substantiation of using new enterprises’ management models and methods for unstable economic environment were proposed in the article. In this methodology is indicated an application of developed complex models for enterprises that operating in unstable economic environment.


Enterprise's competitiveness, unstable economic environment, instability limits, economic-mathematical modelling.


enterprise; competitiveness; unstable economic environment; instability limits; economic and mathematical modelling

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