No 1-3(79-81) (2013)

Table of Contents

Theoretical and methodological problems of economic cybernetics

Ecological economics and the problem of sustainable development: the methodology of economic cybernetics PDF (Russian)
Sultanahmed Ramazanov 4-7

Modeling in micro- and macroeconomic systems

Mathematical modeling of business behavior under pulse investments PDF (Russian)
Larisa Vlasenko, Yuriy Lysenko, Anatoliy Rutkas 8-15
Tax evasion and tax behaviour efficiency: a system dynamics approach PDF
Tamara Merkulova, Tatyana Bitkova 16-22
Investigation the influence of exchange rate channel of transmission mechanism on the ukrainian economy real sector PDF (Українська)
Irina Lukianenko 22-36


Choice approach to the valuation of the financial institution in М&A contracts using the analytic hierarchy process PDF (Українська)
Konstyantin Gritsenko, Natalia Yaremenko 37-42

Models and methods of economic dynamics, stability and equilibrium

Evaluation of the microeconomic system's stability PDF (Українська)
Natalya Kasyanovа 43-47

Models of Management and Marketing

Methodology aspects of innovating product promotion PDF (Russian)
Yuriy Lysenko, Elena Elperina 48-54
Modeling methodical aspects of enterprise's competitiveness for unstable economic environment PDF (Russian)
Vladimir Timokhin, Anastasia Zyma 55-63
The model of innovative strategy for the insurance company investment activity PDF (Russian)
Dmitry Zherlitsyn, Vladimir Lev 64-72

Econometrics (methods of statistical analysis and forecasting)

The methodological approach to forecast modeling of financial markets price dynamics in view of the system complexity PDF (Russian)
Mikhail Kussy 73-79

Computer systems and informational technology in economics

Virtual Enterprise’ risk of cyberattack evaluation PDF (Russian)
Oleg Koroljov, Stanislav Malkov 80-85


New possibilities of ISJ "Economic Cybernetics" distribution in scientific databases and citation systems PDF (Українська)
Stanislav Levitskiy 86-88

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