Virtual Enterprise’ risk of cyberattack evaluation

Oleg Koroljov, Stanislav Malkov


Purpose and subject of research

The purpose of this paper is the identification and evaluation of the specific risks of virtual enterprises.

Research methodology

To get the result riskology is used as a methodology of analysis, evaluation and management of risks in the economy, the theory of information economics in the definition of the role and place of virtual enterprise in the economic system, the methodology of risk-information service to estimate the level of risk cyberattacks.

Value results

The article deals with the operation of virtual enterprises in the information economy. Key findings relate to issues of risk classification of virtual enterprise, taking into account the nature of the infrastructure of the enterprise environment, justify the use of tools of virtual enterprise risk modeling and analysis of the results of the estimation of risk cyberattacks.


As a result of the study was to obtain a classification of specific risks and risk estimation method cyberattacks. The results can be used to control a virtual company, such as an online store.

Key words: virtual enterprise, risk of cyberattack, methodology of analysis, risk-information service.


virtual enterprise; risk of cyberattack; methodology of analysis; risk-information service

Full Text:

PDF (Russian)


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