Strategical indicators for financial resources of industrial enterprises: tools of prediction

  • Vera Serdyuk Donetsk National University
  • Marina Zorina Donetsk National University
Keywords: industrial enterprises, financial resources, strategies indicators, mechanism of prediction


Purpose and subject of researchThis article describes the features of strategy management of an industrial enterprise financial resources, the conditions for increasing its efficiency and proposed economic- mathematical model of the mechanism of forecasting indicators strategic financial management of an industrial enterprise, which improves the efficiency of operation of the business through improved management of financial resources , to improve the accuracy and timeliness of management decisions based on a scenario assess the economic impact of the use of different measures for financial management of an industrial enterprise.Research methodologyThe theoretical framework is based on the methods of system analysis to the business management of the financial sector, innovative models of financial management, modern methods of economic cybernetics.Value resultsThe main of this model are five scenarios for allocating financial resources of the industrial enterprises in the respective activity.ConclusionsAccording to the results of simulation experiments, we can conclude that the application of the economic-mathematical model to minimize the cost of financial resources and the value of their involvement. Addressing financial management is the foundation of efficiency, competitiveness and financial sustainability of the Ukrainian industrial enterprises.Key words: industrial enterprises, financial resources, strategies indicators, mechanism of prediction. 

Author Biographies

Vera Serdyuk, Donetsk National University
Serdyuk Vera Nikolaevnadoctor of economic sciences, associateprofessor, department of Accounting and Auditing, Donetsk National University(Donetsk, Ukraine)
Marina Zorina, Donetsk National University
Zorina Marina Sergeevnapostgraduate, department of phinance and banking,DonetskNationalUniversity(Donetsk, Ukraine)


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