No 4-6(82-84) (2013)

Economic cybernetics [Text]: int. sci. journal / Donetsk national university; [head of ed.board Yu.G.Lysenko]. - Donetsk: DonNU, 2013. - №4-6(82-84) - 95 p.

Table of Contents

Modeling in micro- and macroeconomic systems

The distribution of the characteristics of the maximum expected utility portfolio based on VaR: the impact of investor’s risk aversion coefficient PDF
Taras Zabolotskyy, Valdemar Vitlinskyy 4-10
Modeling of production and logistics systems with non-identical hardware setup PDF (Russian)
Marina Medvedeva 11-18
Approximate analytical solution of the inflation kinetic model PDF (Українська)
Valdemar Vitlinskyy, Yuriy Kolyada, Serhiy Perten 19-26
Modelling of a flexible manufacturing system with changeover between two production cycle PDF (Russian)
Nikolay Rumyantsev 27-31

Models and methods of economic dynamics, stability and equilibrium

Modeling multivariate nonstationary time series of economic dynamics based on Fokker-Planck equation PDF
Oleksandr Isaenko, Vyacheslav Glushchevsky, Oleksandr Isaenko 32-39

Methods of the Operation Research and the System Theory

The method of constructing functions rationing term-sets for displaying function of belonging PDF (Russian)
Anna Bakurova, Vladimir Ivanov 40-43

Models of Management and Marketing

Problem of identification of parameters of the model of management of innovation processes in reprocessing agricultural enterprises PDF (Українська)
Vitalina Babenko 44-51
The modern approaches to managing development of the enterprise in the field of non-bank financial services PDF (Russian)
Dmitry Zherlitsyn, Vladimir Berlin 52-57
Strategical indicators for financial resources of industrial enterprises: tools of prediction PDF (Українська)
Vera Serdyuk, Marina Zorina 58-66

Computer systems and informational technology in economics

Model in managing the implementation of ERP systems PDF (Українська)
Natalia Poluektova, Dmytro Alekseevsky 67-73