Economic Cybernetics

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The original articles and reviews, materials of problem and discussion kind, summaries about scientific symposiums, conferences and forums on Economic Cybernetics, bibliographic reviews, critic on monographs and articles, information about latest scientific achievement in the field of Economic Cybernetics are published in the Journal. Subjects of articles: theoretical and methodological problems of economic cybernetics; modeling in micro- and macroeconomic systems; decision-making; models and methods of economic dynamics, stability and equilibrium; methods of the Operation Research and the System Theory; adaptive systems in economics; models of Management and Marketing; educational problems in the field of Economic Cybernetics; econometrics (methods of statistical analysis and forecasting); computer systems and informational technology in economics. 

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The articles are issued in one of the following languages: Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

Licence of government registration of printed mass media КВ №16728-5300ПР. Approved as a scientific special issue by the addendum to the decree of SAC's of Ukraine presidium from 10.03.2010 №1-05/2 (Bulletin of SAC, Num. 4, 2010, p.5).



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No 1-3(85-87) (2014)

Table of Contents

Theoretical and methodological problems of economic cybernetics

Uncertainty and inequality: a relationship between entropy and income distribution in society PDF (Russian)
Tamara Merkulova, Artem Yantsevich 4-11

Modeling in micro- and macroeconomic systems

Modeling perspective planning city budget (Donetsk case study) PDF (Українська)
Aleksey Okhten, Artem Madykh, Juliia Mazur 12-22


The relation between Value-at-Risk minimization and the return level of financial assets portfolio PDF (Українська)
Taras Zabolotskyy, Orest Bilyy 23-30

Models and methods of economic dynamics, stability and equilibrium

Intellectual capital in economic growth models PDF (Українська)
Igor Lyashenko, Yuriy Tadeev 31-36

Methods of the Operation Research and the System Theory

An integrated approach to ukrainian energy system development modelling PDF (Українська)
Oleksandr Diachuk, Roman Podolets, Maksim Chepeliev 37-49

Models of Management and Marketing

The aspect of financial security in the intellectual capital management PDF (Russian)
Tatiana Shatalova, Vladimir Timokhin, Valeriya Serbina 50-60
The estimation of results of enterprise activity aimed at creation of its future capabilities: indexes and models PDF (Українська)
Lyudmila Potrashkova 61-69
The concept оf modelling of complex economic systems integration PDF (Українська)
Stanislav Levitskiy, Elena Vdovichenko, Igor Frunze 70-81

Educational problems in the field of Economic Cybernetics

Towards the 50th Anniversary of Economic Cybernetics at Donetsk National University PDF (Russian)
Yuriy Lysenko 82-92

Computer systems and informational technology in economics

Modeling of transfer pricing mechanism PDF (Українська)
Gennadiy Turovtsev, Denis Mikhaylik 93-101
Modeling of factoring operations to increase payments of enterprises PDF (Russian)
Evgeniya Shevchenko, Petr Leonov 102-107